Write a number sentence to match the picture

On beginning level worksheets, students are asked to match terms to the given pictures. Once all sentences have been read and matched, students will re-read them fluently together. Within the bin, each math center is stored in a gallon sized ziplock baggie.

I give students 10 minutes to work on their own. After a while drawing all the dots can get very tedious! Decomposing Number Buses Break up each number into tens and ones. Here's a child using the blank array, as a thinking tool, to help them work out 15 x So then what would my number sentence be?

I ask do I have the same number of objects in each row? Follow the steps to help them create their stories: Link to the multiplication tables that the students are currently learning. Once I teach this game two times at the beginning of the year, students always know what to do!

Break up the number into tens and ones and record on the recording sheet. After you finish, say something like, "I wonder how many kisses would fit on your hand???? Once a student knows one fact, they can use this to solve related number sentences with missing numbers. Adapt this activity for the first homework.

Ten Frame Numbers Trace the number. The player with the most cards wins. I draw the same array on my board and we once more answer the questions. Sequence is almost completely correct the order of events should be mostly spot on.

Matching Number Sentences to Pictures

The racoon puppet will pick a favorite desk to stay in for the day. Teacher access to PowerPoint or Keynote Lesson Plan Make writing across content areas fun with this computer activity for grades Here, to work out 34 x 9, the child has decided to do 34 x 10 and then take off the 34 x 1.

Then, their partner will find the picture that corresponds with the words. Matching Worksheets Terms of Use Matching exercises provide students with a fun, engaging way to learn.

I ask students to give a thumbs up if they say yes and a thumbs down if they say no it is not. I give students time to solve the problems while I circulate around to see what they are doing.

Purchase enough heart shaped stickers for each student in your class.

Kindergarten Math: Place Value

Make sure the numbers they use are small enough that students can draw objects to represent those numbers. Record the number sentence on the recording sheet. Open whichever program you are using.On what number did the frog finish? How many jumps did it make? What addition sentence would match the picture?

Step Up l. Count on l. Then write the addition sentence. Stones 1 2. Count on 2. Then write the addition sentence. naaannnnaana naaaaa. In this lesson, find out what elements are required for a complete number sentence and view some examples (and non-examples) of number sentences.

Then, test your knowledge with a brief quiz. Teaching Heart - The Kissing Hand Page!!! The Kissing Hand Lessons, printables, ideas, and more to match this lovely story!

Sentence Picture Match and Write. Add to Favorites. 11 teachers like this lesson. Print Lesson. I like to use center materials like this fast food themed sentence picture match or this CVC Word and Sentence Reading Picture Match Cut and Paste.

I number the sentences and the pictures on the back so students can check to see if they. This Number Sentence Roll and Write activity has been so much fun, and is perfect practice for writing addition and subtraction number sentences!

PreK Early Childhood Matching Printable Activities

* Please Note: This post contains affiliate links which help support the work of this site. Write each number in the correct box on the recording sheet. Write the number both spinners make. This center contains 4 mystery puzzles. To complete the picture, find each puzzle piece that has the matching number to the set.

Picture Match

CENTER 3: Spin and Cover. This game can be played with a partner or alone. Record the number sentence on the.

Write a number sentence to match the picture
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