Gis free sources for spatial data and

Cartographic boundaries, including city boundaries, counties, school districts, voting districts, zip code areas and congressional districts. Variety of data including hydrology, geomorphology, administrative boundaries and protected areas available for download as PDFs, KMLs and shapefiles.

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Land Resources of Russia: But I say detailed with cautious optimism. Detailed bathymetry data for the Great Lakes at 3 arc-second resolution. Open Data for Paris, including lots of georeferenced data. Irish Environmental Protection Agency: Scanning a map results in raster data that could be further processed to produce vector data.

Chesapeake Bay Land Cover: Historical boundaries, tribal areas etc for China from back to BCE. But you may need a Java update to go in full throttle though. QGIS Plugins boost this mapping software into a state of epicness.

Geodatabases of hydrological information for the US, including lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, dams and streamgauges. This began the process of moving GIS from the research department into the business environment. Scroll down to the bottom and the files are available for download. The Geoportal of the Swiss Confederation — with some data available directly and others via links to other sites.

Cartographic boundaries, including city boundaries, counties, school districts, voting districts, zip code areas and congressional districts. Ecological Land Cover Map: The sites listed here are some of the more commonly used, interesting, or hard to find GIS data online.

GMTED multi resolution elevation data for teh world.GIS Data Depot free GIS data GIST: Geographic Information Support Team spatial data to support humanitarian relief Integrated Database Information System (IDIS) an on-line data sharing platform that provides access to water, agriculture and environment.

Free Spatial Data Country level Download country level data for any country in the world: administrative boundaries, roads, railroads, altitude, land cover, population density.

GeoDa is a free GIS software program primarily used to introduce new users into spatial data analysis. It’s main functionality is data exploration in statistics.

One of the nicest things about it is how it comes with sample data for you to give a test-drive. Cultivating Spatial Intelligence Sources of Spatial Data.

Most projects begin with a search for base data. This lisiting will begin with a few sure-fire sources of data that. In GIS, high quality, free GIS data always seems to be a challenge that many people in the industry have troubles wrestling with.

Using this list, you have instantly become more knowledgeable with these 10 free GIS data sources. and displaying spatial data from the real world for a particular set of purposes" (Burrough, ). Full Integration of Geodata in GIS GIS – Data Sources 1 1 2 3 E E H H Type of school, Class of road, Housing type Number of students Volume of traffic Density of housing Trees S.

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Gis free sources for spatial data and
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