English reading proficiency of nurse licensure

Further description of the chosen review center will be given upon the approval of the proposed study. In a retrospective design, the researcher will have to include and observe one of the variables that already happened in the past instead of making it happen in a present time.

Social Security number issued by the U. It is perceived that the instruction and learning process for the English proficiency comes before taking the licensure examination. What is the profile of the participants in terms of their category in English reading proficiency?

It will be quantitative in nature since the researcher plans to use tools that will measure a variable and later on test a hypothesis through statistical treatment.

Asis, Every year since then, a high number of registered nurses in the Philippines are being produced making it one of the countries that are a rich source of health care workers globally.

According to the theory, text comprehension of a reader can be improved by means of instruction that will aid the reader in utilizing a specific comprehension strategy.

Implications for Licensure to Practice

Most of the nurse educators, just like the researcher, notices the decline of passing rate for the PNLE every season making the much-given effort of obtaining a BSN degree put into waste if the student failed to acquire the license.

The review course must be completed after you have applied for licensure to the Minnesota Board of Nursing. For the online version, a calculator is embedded within the exam. It is usually given in June-July season and November-December season. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions: It attempted to identify the determinants of board examination performance of nursing graduates and its relationship to English proficiency.

Exclusion Criteria The researcher will have to exclude all participants that have previous courses prior to BSN to promote homogeneity of the samples.

It is usually given in June-July season and November-December season. In this study however, the researcher would want to make the result of the PNLE as valid as possible, thus, the retrospective design is suggested to be utilized.

Available applicants will be utilized in the study and the selecting of samples will end once the proposed number of participants has been met. The participants will be invited a week before the actual data collection and confirmation is expected within a hour time frame.

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Schedule the examination at one of the testing centers after you receive an authorization to test ATT from the test service. Passing the examination will pave way to opportunities such as working in a hospital, teaching in an educational institution, and serving the community.

The first and last name on your identification must match exactly the name you provided when registering. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, The fact that the demand is in its high state, many of the Filipino citizens decided to take up BSN as an undergraduate course to pursue a vision of working abroad to help stabilize the economical status of their families.

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This report concluded that it poses a great advantage for our country to continually meet the global needs for manpower. Since the PNLE is being administered through the English language, a question comes into the researchers mind: This trend led to the ability of the country to meet the demands of international health care delivery system such as United States of America, Canada, Middle-east and Australia among many others.

Implications for Licensure to Practice Essay Sample

Arellano Law Foundation, In order to pass the examination, an examinee is expected to garner a general weighted average of seventy-five 75 per cent from all the parts of the test with the lowest grade of sixty 60 per cent for each part.

Moreover, the review center has a documentation of the current statuses of the possible participants whether they passed or failed the licensure examination. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions:Read about which tests are required for licensure in Illinois. Information about each test.

Get specific information about a test, including when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following tables. Pass an approved English proficiency test. Unless you graduated from a nursing education program conducted in English and located in an English-speaking country.

Unless you graduated from a nursing education program conducted in English and located in an English-speaking country. NCSBN developed the uniform licensure requirements to provide boards of nursing § A comparison of commonly accepted English proficiency examinations; reports for nurse licensure break down the number of didactic and clinical hours the applicant has © NCSBN from the Resource Manual on the Licensure of Foreign-educated Nurses.

the Arizona State Board of Nursing for nursing assistant, practical nurse, and registered nurses licensure.

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Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) fingerprinting is a portion of the application process for admittance to the PNC Program. Background checks are also required at the time of application to the PNC Program, at the student’s expense. The study is designed to measure the relationship between the English reading proficiency and the Nurse Licensure Examination status of a nursing student.

Pre-Licensure Program

It is designed as Quantitative Non-Experimental Retrospective Case-Control research study. Due to this structure, the examinations that are being administered in the country’s education system are mostly expressed through English; and one very good example is the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination (PNLE).

English reading proficiency of nurse licensure
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